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Pilot project manager:
Polar permaculture (POL)

Pilot Location:
Longyearbyen (Norway)

Circular economy restaurant


Polar Permaculture Solutions has developed the Polar Permaculture project, the only food production unit-existing in Svalbard island, which sells to local grocery stores, hotels, restaurant and private residences fresh vegetables, and integrates principles of a circular economy for regenerating waste into resources for the farm.


Polar Permaculture Solutions will open a circular restaurant connected with a food production unit, where the waste from the restaurant and other local activities is processed and provides compost and energy for the food unit. The FoodE project will allow for the co-design with citizens socially inclusive activities associated with food production, enabling to create partnerships with local stakeholders toward the implementation of an innovative model that follows circular economy principles. Furthermore, it will allow for integration with local fishermen, promoting the establishment of innovative community-supported fishery schemes for the supply of the restaurant and the local population. The project will create job opportunities and will organize dissemination and promotional events open to citizens and stakeholders. The food unit will also be integrated by lighting devices, provided by Flytech SRL, enabling year-round cultivation of leafy vegetables, microgreens and herbs for the restaurant.

Among the long-term goals: to produce more local food in Longyearbyen, create a greenspace in town where people can get inspired, to create a more sustainable tourism industry. To reach out to the local community and provide a space for them to grow their own food. The model of Longyearbyen can be an important example for other Islands and remote locations around the world.


In collaboration with FoodE partners:
Polar Permaculture Solutions AS (NO), Nabolagshager AS (NO), University of Bologna (IT), Wageningen University & Research (NL), Organización de Productores de Túnidos y Pesca Fresca de la Isla de Tenerife (ES), Nolde Erwin & Partner (DE) and Flytech SRL (IT)

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