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MyLocalFoodE Conference in Romainville

MyLocalFoodE Conference in Romainville

FoodE organises dissemination and awareness creation events across Europe under the title “MyLocalFoodE” initiatives. 

In the course of March-April 2021, MyLocalFoodE initiatives will take place concurrently in 3 cities: Romainville (France), Naples (Italy), Sabadell (Spain).

As part of the French edition of MyLocalFoodE, on the 24t March, from 4:00 pm until 5:00 pm, the FoodE partner City council of Romainville holds a webconference! The event is hosted in partnership with Lab3S and will address “ideas for healthy and local eating”. This online program aims to explore food production and food circuits close to home.

The conference consists of four presentations, each presented by a different expert. In between presentations, moderator Yann Chapin ensures there is time for discussion between the public and the speakers. 

The conference presentations are organised as follows: 

1. Véronique Saint-Ges from INRAe: How to grow vegetables and raise small animals in cities?

2. Lélio Lemoine from La Butinerie de Pantin: An original logistics solution: le Marché sur l’Eau.

3. Brigitte Nuchelmans from L’épideBri à Bondy: Bringing agriculture closer to the city: Access to healthy food.

4. Yuna Conan from the Cité Maraîchère in the City council of Romainville: Presentation of the FoodE pilot La Cité Maraîchère.

La Cité Maraîchère will soon open its doors. Explore the municipal vertical farm supporting the local policy for ecological and inclusive transition, behind the scenes here: Link

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