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The FoodE project is centered around the concept of community-designed food systems. Every food system is uniquely based on local needs and available resources. Resilient food systems need to meet the needs of their actors and this is only possible if they are designed by the people who use them. Everyone eats – food is one of the most unifying parts of being human and connects all of us. As such, FoodE believes that input from all segments of the population is the only way our project can succeed. In addition, the term ‘sustainability’ is everywhere now, as citizens we keep hearing more and more about ‘sustainable products’ or ‘sustainable production’. FoodE is quite interested in how this has impacted perceptions of ‘sustainability’ and how citizens think about sustainable food systems.

With the recent outbreak of Covid-19, we have realized the importance of food systems where shorter supply chains provide more security and confidence for the farmer and consumer. As we become more aware of the effects climate change will have on our food systems, it is important that we design the changes necessary to face the future. We have seen the importance of being able to plan ahead and the challenge of long-term thinking in times of crisis. FoodE believes it is necessary to gather input from you – the citizen – in order to plan more sustainable food systems for the future. In order to develop systems that are resilient, we need your input so that the system reflects your ideas, opinions, and needs surrounding food.

The FoodE project is full of opportunities for active input from different segments of the population. Pilot projects will be realized in select cities and will pioneer citizen-involvement in creating sustainable solutions to food challenges. FoodE will host events, surveys, activities, and more to gain as much input as possible over the four-year project. Also, the creation of an eco-label will help consumers in choosing sustainable products. Make sure to follow us on social media to stay informed on how you can contribute!

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Food 2030 Project Family Factsheet
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