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Are you part of a sustainable initiative in the agri-food sector?

Do you want to be involved in an important European project and contribute to the creation of a more sustainable food system?

Let’s give your contribution by filling out the online survey. The survey takes less than 20 minutes and will offer many opportunities for your organization.

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FoodE Smartphone App

The initiatives will combine state of the art technologies with innovative social systems and business models. A smartphone app will allow interactive communication between innovative citizen-led food system stakeholders and evaluation of the sustainability impact of food producers and food consumers. That way, FoodE is improving local food initiatives both in theory and practice.

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Project Partners

FoodE is led by the University of Bologna. The project brings together a highly qualified consortium of 24 organizations. It comprises universities, research institutes, SMEs, NGOs, as well as city councils spread across 8 EU countries.

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FoodE For You

“Think global, eat local” is the driver behind FoodE. FoodE will act as an exchange platform where public authorities, citizens, academia, SMEs and non-profit organizations can share ideas, best practices and tools with a view to supporting cities and regions in their transition towards innovative, sustainable food systems.


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At the heart of FoodE are local, citizen-led communities that will identify success stories, and bridge these for knowledge exchange. The duration of the FoodE will be 48 months, starting by 1st February 2020. Within FoodE, 15 pilot projects with local partners will be launched in 12 European cities/regions: Napoli, Bologna, Sabadell, Tenerife, Amsterdam, Lansingerland, Berlin, Oslo, Longyearbyen, Romainville, Iasi and Ljubljana. The pilot projects showcase promising socio-environmental case studies.


Hungry For New Knowledge?

FoodE is a comprehensive project, which embraces all domains regarding food, food systems, food production and consumption. Within FoodE, several activities and actions will take place: from the (rooftop)gardens, farms and greenhouses all the way to you. Our partners will provide a collection of various, informative and interesting materials. Shift your knowledge by reading a blog or taste FoodE in all its shapes and colours via beautiful videos and photos.

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