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The great beauty of Bologna’s urban gardens

The great beauty of Bologna’s urban gardens

From 10 to 14 January 2023, another MyLocalFoodE festival took place in Bologna, Italy. For several days, many scientific and cultural events focused on sustainable food production systems, greenery, and urban gardens were organised in Bologna’s beautiful historical buildings and green urban areas. The festival offered visitors photo exhibitions, panel discussions, workshops and much more.

The festival involved children, students, families, and the elderly in the various activities organised in different spots of Bologna, such as the Greenhouses of the Gardens of Margherita, Salus Space, a modern multifunctional space for collaborative living and social gardening, and the University of Bologna’s experimental Vertical Farm (AlmaVFarm).

During the MyLocalFoodE festival, the exhibition “Proiezioni ORTOgonali” [Orthogonal Projections] took place in the Sala della Manica Lunga of the historical Palazzo d’Accursio. As part of this multidisciplinary exhibition, video and photography shows, a selection of historical maps showing the location of Bologna’s urban gardens, an audio performance of natural sounds, and an exhibition of medicinal vegetable species were organised. The purpose of Proiezioni ORTOgonali was to help citizens reflect on the importance of urban gardens, bringing to light their key role in protecting urban ecosystems, and their social, educational, and therapeutic functions, without omitting their cultural and historical features.

The festival was a success in terms of participation and engagement, showing the interest of the citizens of Bologna in the great beauty of their urban gardens. As urban food systems will be increasingly important in the future of cities worldwide, FoodE and its partners will continue to organise events across Europe to spread the word about the environmental and social benefits which they can bring to our society.

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