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For entrepreneurs and food producers

Multiple stakeholders from the food domain will be directly involved in FoodE – including food-related entrepreneurs, like farmers, processors, and distributors.

In the initial phase, CRFSs’ participants and managers will be asked to answer an online questionnaire to help build the first comprehensive European database of sustainable CRFS. This participatory evaluation will be developed considering the environmental, social and economic dimensions of each initiative and will lead to the analysis of actual local food supply to city regions.

Starting from the results obtained, FoodE will involve CRFS stakeholders in structuring an open challenge for the design of innovative CRFS pilot projects. 15 pilots will be implemented and participatory monitoring by different stakeholders will be fostered.

A parallel action aimed at engaging food producers and entrepreneurs will be pursued through the development of a mobile App. By actively participating in the development of the FoodE App, users will not only become aware of local initiatives but also engage in the cross-evaluation of existing CRFS, therein accessing benefits and services provided by CRFS.

FoodE will foster reciprocal cross-pollination between CRFS stakeholders by promoting the organization of yearly events. During these events (MyLocalFoodE), stakeholders can create awareness on CRFS sustainability, present their experiences and contribute to the creation of strategic plans for the design of local CRFS projects. Workshop and events organized during piloting will involve more than 500 entrepreneurs and citizens employed in CRFS. Furthermore, more than 1,050 future CRFS entrepreneurs will be able to access dedicated training.

A classification of CRFS business models will be then developed. It will serve as a tool for CRFS managers and stakeholders for identifying business typologies and opportunities across Europe. Finally, the interactions between actors will be intensified, by creating constant monitoring and exchange between research, business initiatives, public authorities and the civil society, that will enable the environment for the creation of a citizen-based CRFS sustainability eco-label.

“Think global eat local”

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