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For policy makers and researchers

FoodE for policy makers

Cities that want to improve their regional food policy can benefit from successful examples of other cities around the world. All over Europe, at the local level, bottom-up strategies and innovative projects are being developed to influence the food system. Food policy councils are increasingly spreading as institutionalized platforms for local food policies. With the signing of the “Milano Urban Food Policy Pact ” initiated in 2015, over 200 mayors have now committed themselves to work towards sustainable local food systems.

But sustainable food systems are not only theory. Rather, their success can be measured by built-up projects and real implementation. This is where the project “FoodE” comes in. The guidelines developed in FoodE will support real-estate owners, investors, planners, and public administrations in taking the chance to convert experience with existing concepts into new projects and improve the local framework conditions. The showcases that are developed all over Europe and promoted through the “FoodE” project will help to disseminate their best-practices across countries.

FoodE for researchers

We will do our best to ensure the maximum dissemination of scientific results into relevant academic and research communities. Our research outcomes will be presented as oral presentations and posters at key regular international scientific conferences.

Scientific papers will be released as Open access publications (gold access) to make sure that our research results are widely accessible. This website will also make raw data feeds available, interim reports, photographs, and publication outputs will be available in order to achieve a large scientific outreach. Researchers who are interested in our scientific work are welcome to contact the members of the “FoodE” team for scientific exchange.

“Think global eat local”

European Guidebook on Sustainable City Region Food Systems
The Policy Environment for Sustainable CRFS Factsheet
1. Planning Policy And The Development Of Sustainable CRFS
2. Agricultural Policy And The Development Of Sustainable CRFS
3. Education Policy And The Development Of Sustainable CRFS
4. Circularity And The Development Of Sustainable CRFS
5. Food Safety Policy And The Development Of Sustainable CRFS
6. Policy Silos And The Development Of Sustainable CRFS
7. Fisheries Policy And The Development Of Sustainable CRSF
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