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History class. A college, somewhere in Europe. The year 2050.

“… and this is when it all started, dear students. It was the beginning of the XXI century, and European citizens were struggling with evolving climate change, social exclusion and unfair food access. Grassroots initiatives were sprouting across countries, addressing the sustainability of regional food systems and combining state of the art technologies with innovative social and management systems resulting in the creation of innovative business models, where consumers engaged in food production and distribution, overall becoming active “prosumers”.

In the framework of the FoodE project, dissemination of information to schools is a strategic tool for the engagement of youth in main aspects of environmental, social and economic sustainability of innovative city food systems in Europe. 

FoodE school activities are addressed to primary and secondary school pupils. Activities include awareness creation initiatives, engagement in the MyLocalFoodE events and editing of the FoodE e-book for the dissemination of the project results to pupils and youth at local levels. Awareness creation events are carried out as in-class activities: using a simplified and easily transferrable form, researchers engage with pupils about some of the social and environmental aspects of climate change, social exclusion and unfair food access and their relationship with innovative local food systems. Manual activities are expected.

School pupils are engaged in the MyLocalFoodE initiative attending open science events with researchers and food systems managers, presenting sustainable concepts and developing innovative pioneering strategies for developing innovative food systems in their regions. Pupils are involved in school competitions, challenges, hackathons etc. School pupils are involved in editing dissemination documents on the sustainability assessment of European city food systems that will be then published by the international journal “Frontiers for young minds” in the form of an e-book.

“Think global eat local”

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