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Initiating sustainable urban agriculture practices across Germany

Initiating sustainable urban agriculture practices across Germany

MyLocalFoodE is the initiative of EU-Horizon2020 project FoodE to promote the dissemination of sustainable urban agriculture practices across the European continent. The objective is to raise awareness for local, sustainable and resilient citizen-led food system initiatives. To bring people closer to the benefits and knowledge of these initiatives, several events across Germany are organised. The time and date in Soest and Dortmund are yet to be determined.


On the 11th and 12th of June 2022 the ‘Long Day of CityNature’ is planned. This event presents the living nature of the city region of Berlin and offers visitors hands-on action focusing on biodiversity in city regions. Participants will learn a lot about greenhouses, water, and recycling (click here for information and registration).

On the 27th of June until the 1st of July 2022 ‘Visiting the Water House’ takes place where participants can visit the so-called `Water House´ from our partner institute Nolde & Partner.

On the 2nd of July 2022 the ‘Long Night of Science’ will take place in Berlin and Potsdam. From 5PM to midnight, scientific and science-related institutions invite visitors to more than 2.000 events, readings, lectures, and performances. The ILS team will be present with exhibitions and lectures at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin (click here for more information about the program).  


An informative online workshop is organised in Soest, dealing with city adjustment strategies for farmers in the fringe of the cities. The workshop will convey the theoretic/ scientific explanations of business models and sucess factors for farms in city regions. Moreover well established farmers will present their business model and adjustment strategies as practical example. 


The event in Dortmund will be about renaturation of cities in the region of Ruhr metropolitan area. The region is characterised by its densely populated city and former coal industry. With support of the EU-Horizon proGIreg project, a project aiming to improve the life quality of the people and strengthening green infrastructure, an urban farm is under construction at the Hansa coking plant industrial monument. The opening event will take place here with a guided tour for children. Interested citizens will be presented an innovative way of growing plants. The farm at Hansa will combines fish and plant cultivation in the form of an aquaponic.

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