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Pilot project manager:
Tasen microgreens (TAS)

Pilot Location:
Oslo (Norway)

Educational hydroponic garden prototype


Tasen microgreens has developed scalable growing systems for indoor plant cultivation with artificial lighting that can easily serve educational purposes. NBL brings experience in educational projects on urban agriculture. Partners have previous experience in small scale hydroponic educational gardens.


Development of a micro-hydroponic system for schools where children can learn how to grow salads and herbs. The system will be easy to learn and use and will be integrated with educational tools on the FoodE app. The app will give the user the necessary instructions to learn and to understand the basic principles of plant requirements.

Among the long-term goals: raise awareness of how food is produced, train urban farmers and educate children on food production methods that are both easy to understand and include stimulating and up-to-date technologies.


In collaboration with FoodE partners:
Tasen microgreens AS (NO), Nabolagshager AS (NO), Wageningen University & Research (NL), University of Bologna (IT)

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