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Community supported beekeeping in Oslo

Community supported beekeeping in Oslo

In the early 2000s, beekeepers all around the world noticed a huge increase in the loss of honeybee colonies, with approximately 25-30% of them dying each year. The disappearance of honeybees entails more than just a lack of honey. They serve an important part in our ecosystem. A world without bees will have an impact on every area of our lives: plants rely on bees to breed, insects depend on plants for food and shelter, small animals need insects for food, and so on.

Many initiatives throughout the world are attempting to rescue bees and promote sustainable beekeeping practices, one of which is the Local Buzz Andelsbirøkterlag: Community Supported Beekeeping – a project by FoodE pilot Nabolagshager. Local Buzz Andelsbirøkterlag was founded by Idil Akdos in 2021 in Oslo, Norway. The initiative aims to build a community around sustainable beekeeping and honey production. 

The idea behind the Local Buzz is to include as many people from the community as possible in the process of saving honeybees. Interested participants can become co-owners of a beehive, which will be taken care by experienced beekeepers. Local Buzz also offers regular hive inspections and workshops for those who want to learn more about bees and get actively involved in the process of beekeeping. At the end of the season, participants will can enjoy honey!

The Community Supporting Beekeeping scheme is very new and unexplored, yet it is an important step towards rescuing bees. FoodE and Nabolagshager invite you to join the Local Buzz and save the bees together with your community. 

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