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FoodE Consortium Meets Online!

FoodE Consortium Meets Online!

Partners assessed the state of play of the activities within the project, discussed the challenges they have encountered and agreed on the best ways to move forward. They also received training on how to improve their use of 4PM – a project management platform developed by ARCTUR – to facilitate the organization of the overall work within the project. Furthermore, partners discussed the preparation of the consortium’s joint policy paper on COVID-19 response in CRFS and examined alternative strategies for implementing KidScience activities during the pandemic.  Here are some additional highlights:

  • The meeting provided the perfect opportunity for interactive sessions with the FoodE pilots and their owners. In the coming months, our 15 pilots will engage with society in innovative co-design activities such as hackathons, local challenges, surveys and discussion groups. Pilots will collect inputs from stakeholders on how to make city/region food systems (CRFS) more inclusive, productive and environmentally healthy. The best ideas of these activities will be implemented by the pilots which will, ultimately, help to better satisfy the food demand of local citizens, involve them in the food production process, boost knowledge sharing, create jobs, stimulate social integration and improve the recycling and reuse of natural resources.
  • Beatrice Walthall (Initiator of the German NGO Berlin Food Policy Council) and Franco Manna (Founder and President of the Italian SEBETO which operates pizza restaurants in Italy and internationally) – members of FoodE Advisory Board – also took part in the discussion and delivered keynote speeches. Beatrice focused on the role of civic engagement in shaping city region food systems while Franco presented the ingredients for a successful restaurant characterization).
  • On 3 July FoodE partners participated in a social media workshop led by Hague Corporate Affairs. Partners learned how to better use social media for FoodE thanks to some hands-on tips and tricks. Via social media, FoodE increases awareness of local food initiatives. It enhances the public understanding of the benefits CRFS could bring in terms of food security and nutrition, economic development, natural resources management and social inclusion.

We are looking forward to our next meeting!

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