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Pilot project manager:
Asociația Mai Bine (Mbine)

Pilot Location:
Iasi (Romania)

Restaurant with local products


CUIB is probably the most sustainable bistro in Romania, in terms of both environmental and social impact and is one of the most popular local restaurants based in Iași, the second biggest city of the country (7th rank generally and 1st for local food on TripAdvisor, first recommendation on Lonely Planet and Rough Guides).    Founded by Mai bine back in 2013 as a green social enterprise, it is still pioneering locally, regionally and nationally multiple practical approaches of sustainability for the HORECA system:

  • Low carbon impact food: vegetarian, local, in season and natural ingredients
  • Ecological, artisanal and local beverages
  • Fair trade and ethical products
  • Solidarity services: free food for the most vulnerable
  • Low waste operational activities
  • Mental and human ecology education
  • Community consolidation through convivial and cultural events.


Through FoodE it will advance towards its vision of capacity building for sustainable development and its objectives of decreasing the environmental negative impact while increasing the social positive impact. Il will become the first zero-waste unit within the Romanian HORECA sector by integrating a closed-loop economy model in its operational activities. It will do so by launching a community garden for aromatic and medicinal plants, including raised bed gardens and greenhouses, within the space, respectively on the terrace and a small soil farm by composting its organic waste. As well, the pilot will integrate strategies for a transition to lower energy consumption, recovery of heirloom plant varieties, reducing the proximity distance towards km0, the founding of the first local food bank, and doubling the number of vulnerable beneficiaries.

In collaboration with FoodE partners:
Asociația Mai Bine (RO), University of Bologna (IT) and Polar Permaculture Solutions AS (NO)

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