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Sustainable Gastronomy Day and FoodE

Sustainable Gastronomy Day and FoodE

Today is the United Nations’ Sustainable Gastronomy Day. A day devoted to awareness about where our ingredients come from, how our food is grown, and how it is delivered to our (super)markets and our plates. Furthermore, this day also celebrates gastronomy as a cultural expression, which varies across continents, countries, regions, and local communities.

How does FoodE contribute to sustainable gastronomy? Our project aims to accelerate the growth of sustainable City/Region Food Systems (CRFS) by bringing together local citizen-led food initiatives across Europe. We seek to build a ‘Think global, eat local’ mindset, which encompasses the idea that people can contribute to tackling global challenges while boosting the local economy.

In times of COVID-19, the appreciation for locally grown produce becomes even more relevant. While the pandemic has disrupted some global food chains, consumers started seeing locally-sourced food as a more secure option and socially more responsible. Instead of a challenge, the epidemic could act as a crucial moment for action, as suggested before in our article on the future of food systems beyond Covid-19. A food system relying on shorter supply chains and more locally produced food proves more resilient in the face of disruption.

By fostering the growth of local food initiatives, FoodE aims to contribute to a more resilient and sustainable food system, while celebrating the cultural diversity of local food systems. Whether it is an aquaponic farm in Amsterdam, urban beekeeping in Ljubljana or a sustainable small-scale fishery in Tenerife, each of FoodE’s pilot projects is led by local partners, with their own local expertise and skills. By bringing them together, FoodE hopes to facilitate a platform for sharing of knowledge and success stories to create a more sustainable food system across Europe.

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