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Pilot project manager:
Ajuntament de Sabadell (SBD)

Pilot Location:
Sabadell (Spain )

Urban agricultural park for participatory agricultural test spaces


The Sabadell City Council (SBD) has fields under organic production both in the area of the Ripoll River and in the area of the “Parc Agrari”. In the farms of the river, there are social, inclusive orchards and farms that are cultivated by different associations and “agricultural test spaces” for new farmers. In the Parc Agrari, there are also different areas of “agricultural test spaces” as well as professional horticultural farms that the City Council has awarded to horticulturists. In municipal farms, there is also a plantation of vines which is currently managed by a cooperative for social inclusion. In the same region, UAB has conducted several projects associated with innovative growing systems in the urban environment, as well as sustainability assessment of various farming systems.


The pilot will convert two “council open airfields” into “agricultural test spaces” were citizens will be able to participate in experimental tests on traditional local varieties grown in organic production systems. The objective is to obtain information enabling to produce a local, quality product within a clean production system. Farmers from the Agricultural Park will contribute by also producing and marketing their products directly to the main market in Sabadell. There will also be the participation of consumer cooperatives of local organic products as well as schools in the city. Current City Council plans to involve construction, in 2019-2020, of a meeting point of exchange of experiences between producers and consumers, to make presentations and tasting of local products as well as a small shop for the direct sale of products from the agricultural Park.

The Sabadell City will be found on three separate locations:

Ripoll River

Parc Agrari 

Hort urbà

In collaboration with FoodE partners:
Ajuntament de Sabadell (ES), Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (ES), Nabolagshager AS (NO) and Polar Permaculture Solutions AS (NO)

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