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Artisanal fishing: a sustainable alternative for people and earth

Artisanal fishing: a sustainable alternative for people and earth

On 6 and 7 November, the Institute of Social Research and Tourism of the University of Laguna, part of theMacarofood project, organised seminars about small-scale fisheries and local markets in Tenerife, Spain. The seminar touched upon the valorisation of marine products in Macronesia, a group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The seminar demonstrated the importance of (local) artisanal fishing for the improvement of one’s health and the conservation of the environment.

The goal of the Macarofood two-day seminar was to share knowledge about tourism, gastronomy, and provide professional training. The seminar was divided into four themes:

  • A social and economic evaluation of the value chain of marine products.
  • The progress of building a Macronesian alliance in the field of artisanal fishing. 
  • The inclusion of women in the marine sector and its importance.
  • The results of the project of Macronesian markets for local fisheries and products.

On the last day of the seminar, the ECOTUNIDOS initiative was organised in collaboration with several schools in Tenerife. During this event, several activities were carried out and future projects were presented. One of the activities included an open discussion on the benefits of fresh food in school canteens. A fresh fish producer and several schools shared their vision on the importance of fresh fish in school canteens. To illustrate their opinion, they organized workshops for all attendees.  

The workshop with researchers, cooks and representatives of Islatunainvolved practical training in recipes with local fish:

Get to know more about the seminar here.

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