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Molecular candies for a plastic free future

Molecular candies for a plastic free future

On 18 December 2021, the FoodE partner the Urban Beekeepers Association of Slovenia (Društvo Urbani čebelar), in cooperation with the Rog Centre and platform ‘’Scientists Against Plastics’’, will organise a workshop for children about molecular candies. In line with the main objective of FoodE, they will raise the awareness of participants about urban honey and the production of sustainable packages. The workshop revolves around learning by doing and tasting. 

In the city center of Ljubljana, the Molecular Sugar Cookies Workshop will be organised for children between the age of 6 to 12. Young participants will add natural colours and flavors to the biopolymers along with sweets and honey treats. This way, children will learn about new types of bioplastics which can be eaten as they are completely natural. The aim of the workshop is thus to teach children how to build an environmentally friendly future without harmful plastics. 

Urbani čebelar brings together individuals working in the field of beekeeping, bee tourism, environmental protection, agriculture, biotechnology, culture, (landscape) architecture and design, environmental management, and any related fields in Ljubljana and Slovenia. Their goal is to develop and promote urban beekeeping as an activity that contributes to the protection and growth of the urban environment and enables the quality of living.

Are you interested to join their workshop as well? Please register via the link below and enjoy the magical experience of molecular cuisine.

FB event: Click here

Link and registration: Click here

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