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Fruits and veggies in the Romanian spotlight

Fruits and veggies in the Romanian spotlight

Fruits and vegetables represent a vital role in human nutrition and health, food security and environmental protection. In the context of MyLocalFoodE, Mai bine Association organised two events in the Romanian city of Iași to emphasise the importance of these products. 

On the 5th of June, Mai bine organised an urban permaculture and composting workshop. Aimed at novices in the field, participants had the opportunity to take part in gardening activities in the heart of the botanical garden at the microform of Food Forest. Participants discussed different composting techniques for city dwellers and also launched a new garden composter to recover biowaste.

On the same day, there was a convivial lunch organised to celebrate the Global Environment and Degrowth Day. The food was prepared with the help of a guest chef who used ingredients from the urban garden located at food forest, at about 2 km distance. During the event FoodE flyers were distributed in envelopes made from artisanal recycled paper with seeds.  

To raise awareness about the importance of fruits and veggies, Romanian Vegan Association and Common Ground organised their second VegFest, located in Iași. The event took place at the end of a week full of creativity, and welcomed everyone that cares for the world we live in. The city’s central boulevard hosted several stands with 100% vegetable products and activities to promote a sustainable lifestyle. Besides, biowaste was recovered to be transformed into FoodE branded compost bins. 

In addition to the culinary and social element of the event, VegFest also has a strong ecological component, as plant-based foods have a carbon footprint of 10 to 50 times lower than those of animal origin. In addition, a lifestyle in which plants occupy a central place has the potential to make us all healthier, while protecting biodiversity.

All the events left a green and living memory for the Romanian community behind, which makes the importance of fruits and vegetables clear to other generations!

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