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Spring pop-up plant market in Oslo

Spring pop-up plant market in Oslo

The FoodE partner organisation Nabolagshager in collaboration with Oslo Fjordhagen welcomed the arrival of the spring season by hosting a pop-up plant market in Oslo’s harbour.  

The pandemic has had a significant impact on local initiatives, as existing restrictions prevent most activities from being held. Despite the circumstances, the Norwegian urban farmers found an opportunity that allows certain businesses to be open to the public and organised a Sunday plant market, the first market this year. 

Since Oslo Fjordhage is situated on a pier in Oslo’s harbour, hundreds of people pass by on busy weekends, while enjoying urban strolls. The one-day outdoor pop-up plant marker at Oslo’s harbour was a wonderful way to welcome spring in Norway. The event was well-attended by pedestrians and cyclists, as it provided an excellent opportunity to buy plants grown in the greenhouse-classroom. Nabolagshager shared seeds for pollinator-friendly flowers that were harvested around the city last summer, encouraging citizens to plant and grow flowers in green spaces in their neighbourhoods.

The youth program of Nabolagshager seeks to promote the development of citizen-led urban food system projects that are safe and resilient by engaging not only academia and schools, but also citizens of all ages and food system start-ups. Oslo Fjordhagen is an innovative learning space for urban agriculture and aquaculture. At the same time, it serves as a social gathering place for young people.  

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